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Methanol Tank Painting & Containment Dike Lining


A publicly traded home solutions company contracted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to paint a methanol tank and its containment. The tank hadn’t been painted in quite some time, plus the existing rubber liner in the containment dike had failed. With help from the owner, TMI prepared a plan to not only paint the tank for corrosion protection but also install a new liquid-applied coating in the containment area.


  • For the methanol tank: TMI pressure washed the tank, removed the failed existing coating and old stickers, and thoroughly cleaned the tank of loose rust and flaking paint.
  • An epoxy primer was applied with brush and roller.
  • A urethane topcoat with excellent gloss and color retention was then used.
  • For the containment dike: TMI removed 100% of the existing rubber liner and all adhesives.
  • The concrete floor and walls of the dike had many bug holes, cracks, and eroded concrete. TMI routed to sound substrate and applied a cementitious mortar to fix and fill those areas.
  • Expansion joint filler was used to fill large concrete expansion joints.
  • Two full coats of a urethane elastomer coating were applied, suitable for methanol splash, spill, and short-term immersion service.


The customer said, “The repair went smoothly with very good communication and quality of work on their part and followed all safety rules. We would recommend TMI Coatings, Inc.” Another project completed by TMI for this publicly held home automation product manufacturer.

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