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Mississippi River Conveyor Project


While restoring other structures for this large grain facility in the U. S. TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) also restored a grain conveyor that extended over the Mississippi River from Illinois to Iowa. As with every project TMI completes, there is a strong emphasis on safety. The existing paint was peeling, and these flakes could have potentially fallen into the water. TMI Coatings, in accordance with OSHA regulations and the state pollution control regulations, did what was required to ensure the safe removal of the old falling paint.


  • Installed containment and arranged for a barge and man lift on the ground and on the barge to safely access the structure and prevent any paint chips from entering the river
  • Pressure washed within containment to collect all paint chips
  • Removed all existing failed coatings and prepared surfaces for subsequent coatings using hand-held diamond grinders with HEPA vacuum attachments
  • Installed the new coating system:
    • Applied an epoxy rust-inhibitive metal primer by brush and roll
    • Applied a quality aliphatic polyurethane coating by brush and roll


TMI Coatings has used these procedures often on steel substrates such as conveyors, supports, and load-out chutes. The rust-inhibitive primer is used to reduce corrosion and promote adhesion of the topcoat; the final coat reduces future rust and/or contamination.

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