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Pool Deck Coating to Reduce Slipping


TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) was contracted to create a safer environment for a casino – particularly the pool deck surrounding their pool. Casino guests were slipping and hurting themselves on the wet pool deck. Additionally, the coating within the pool itself was eroding away. To create a far less dangerous place for their guests, and to refurbish a once beautiful blue pool, the Facilities Director asked TMI to help.


  • Removed remaining carpet near the pool deck.
  • Mechanically abraded all deck and surrounding surfaces to prepare the floor and pool for subsequent coatings. TMI employed Ruwac industrial vacuums to collect dust during preparation.
  • Installed an epoxy coating to the interior of the pool with a bright yellow finish appropriate for pool environments.
    • Installed the casino logo to the bottom of the pool.
  • Installed our signature CHEM-RESIST epoxy flooring system around the entire pool.
    • Added a colored quartz aggregate to reduce slipping.


TMI Coatings’ field team not only installed high-quality coating systems but also added an aggregate to increase the safety of guests at this casino. The interior of the pool was given a much-needed recoat along with an intricate logo design at the bottom of the pool. TMI worked within a limited timeframe to minimize interruption for casino guests.

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