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Protective Coating Provides Slip Resistance for Safety


A Midwest state treatment center requested TMI Coatings install a protective coating to the concrete steps and deck of their facility entrance for slip resistance. The owner’s concern was that they had tried applying previous coatings in-house which had failed. The existing steps and deck had multiple layers of flaking coating and was very slippery which was a concern in a hospital environment.

TMI mechanically abraded the existing coating to a sound substrate then installed a pedestrian walkway coating to the steps and deck and incorporated aggregate for slip resistance for safety. The coating system TMI installed expands and contracts and therefore will not crack, chip or peel. This system protects the concrete from freeze/thaw damage and protects areas below from water damage. The owner was happy with the slip resistant finish texture and feels that this system is what they needed at their facility for safety as well as a long term waterproofing solution.

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