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Protective Flooring at Manufacturing Company

A tortilla manufacturing company requested TMI Coatings install protective flooring at their facility in their Production and Packaging Areas totaling 13,000 square feet.  In the Packaging Area, 6,500 sq. ft., TMI installed an average of 25 mils thick flooring system with an “orange peel” finish.  The customer wanted a smoother finish to allow for easier cleaning.  In the Production Area, 6,500 sq. ft., the customer wanted slip resistance for safety due to mixing of the product which is powdery and slippery when spilled on the floor.

TMI abraded the floors to clean and roughen then repaired cracked and eroded areas.  TMI then applied food grade flooring to the areas along with installing a can’t around the perimeter of the room at the wall/floor juncture.

The owner commented how bright and clean the floor looked and how it improved light reflectivity and it is now a more pleasing place to work.  They also appreciated TMI completing the work in a timely manner during their critical plant shut down.

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Protective Flooring at Manufacturing Company

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