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Reduce Corrosion Under Insulation on a Storage Tank


A fuel terminal company contracted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to perform various repairs on a caustic materials storage tank. We completed spot repairs on the interior tank lining. To the exterior, we applied a thermal coating to the tank’s lower uninsulated section and waterproof material to the tank’s base and concrete pad juncture, as well as coating the external nozzles. We have over thirty five years of experience applying high-performance tank linings and coatings that can handle the most corrosive of substances. TMI has the specialized products required to restore and protect the inside and outside, top and bottom, of your tanks.



  • In the failed areas we sandblasted to SSPC SP-10 Near White Metal Blast and feathered into sound existing coating.
  • All weld seams, crevices and outside angles were stripe coated with tank lining material.
  • Applied two coats of high solids phenolic tank lining material for superior corrosion protection that performs well in harsh environments. This specialty lining includes flakes to reinforce the lining and improves flexibility when it is cured.


  • TMI sandblasted surfaces to SSPC SP-6 commercial blast.
  • Containment was used to contain emissions from sandblasting to protect the environment and the workers.
  • On the concrete/tank wall juncture, we primed surfaces with epoxy to protect steel from corrosion and mitigate outgassing in the concrete while promoting the adhesion of subsequent coats.
  • Then, a urethane elastomer was applied to prevent moisture from penetrating between the concrete and the steel of the tank by forming a seamless rubber-like chemical resistant barrier at the juncture.
  • For the remaining tank shell wall, an inorganic zinc-rich primer was applied.
  • A thermal insulating topcoat was applied that provides an R-value comparable to other forms of insulation, while being applied at a fraction of the thickness. Because it is a thermal coating, insulation is not required which often hides damage to the substrate caused by corrosion under the insulation.
  • All nozzles received two coats of a rust-inhibitive epoxy metal primer, followed by a topcoat of high solids polyurethane for corrosion protection and to maintain color stability.


The owner was complimentary about the tank’s appearance and the project’s completion time. Another storage tank rehabilitation completed safely and on time.

TMI Coatings Tank Corrosion Repair BeforeTMI Coatings Tank Corrosion Repair Before

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