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Refurbishing Silos in North Dakota


An agriculture & energy company contacted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) about refurbishing silos. The silos needed concrete repairs and waterproofing as they were experiencing spalling, with large areas that needed significant restoration. TMI chose a urethane elastomer product because it is waterproof and prevents further erosion of the concrete infrastructure. The urethane elastomer will protect the silo roofs for years to come.


  • TMI removed loose and delaminated existing roofing and pressure washed the area clean.
  • Silo Roof Restoration started when TMI sounded out spalling concrete areas and removed loose and hollow concrete by chipping, hand grinding, and other mechanical means, followed by pressure washing to further clean.
  • The exposed concrete areas were dampened until the surface became saturated. TMI applied a thin scrub coat followed immediately by patching before scrub coat dries.
  • We patched/filled in the surrounding plane.
  • Silo Roof Coating- TMI applied asphalt-based urethane elastomer roofing system.
  • We applied epoxy to steel and bare concrete surfaces.
  • We prepared and coated around all penetration and up wall/roof junctions for a completely waterproof seal.
  • TMI applied the first coat of urethane elastomer. Aggregate was sprinkled into this coat for adhesion and to reduce outgassing. To prevent runs/drips, TMI’s crew used trowel-applied material.
  • Finally, we applied the second coat of urethane elastomer. Lightly and uniformly broadcast with white roofing granules.
  • Silo Wall Restoration- Chipped out loose and spalling concrete and restored to the surrounding plane using a polymer modified cementitious repair mortar.


TMI brought the silos back to the sound condition and beauty they once possessed. The company was happy with TMI’s work and that we did it safely over 100′ in the air. The work we did was completed on time. The urethane elastomer is TMIs’ primary roofing system, specifically when refurbishing silos in areas where ponding water occurs. The waterproofing technology lasts a long time in various weather environments.

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