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Restoration of Rusty Piping


TMI Coatings, Inc recently was hired to repair and re-coat the rusty feed and filtration ductile iron piping for the City of Temple, TX. The piping was heavily corroded; in addition to sandblasting and re-coating the rusty piping, TMI removed and replaced thousands of corroded bolts.  Spool replacement, temporary pipe supports, and rubber gaskets between the pipes and supports were all added as part of this extensive project to reduce corrosion where metals meet.


  • Fully enclose the pipework to prevent the dust from damaging sensitive equipment inside the operational filtration building. TMI erected a full containment system around the piping including a negative air enclosure system and 45,000 CFM dust collector.
  • Remove all catwalk decking prior to surface preparation and reinstall upon completion.
  • The pipes, pipe supports, connections, and saddles were abrasive blasted to SSPC-SP 6 Commercial Blast with 1.5 mil profile.
  • Remove spools and replace with new.
  • Remove over 3,000 rusty bolts.
  • Sandblast and coat inside bolt holes.
  • Replace all bolts with new, stainless steel bolts after the paint has cured.
  • Two coats of polyamide epoxy were applied. Pipes exposed to the exterior elements received an additional topcoat of aliphatic acrylic polyurethane. This coating is highly resistant to abrasion, wet conditions, corrosive fumes, and exterior weathering.
  • Holiday testing was performed on the steel substrates per SSPC PA2 standards to ensure all areas were coating per specification.  Any areas with light coating were promptly coated.
  • Install rubber on saddles prior to lowering the pipes back down to prevent corrosion where the 2 metal surfaces would have otherwise met.


The owner said “TMI Coatings was able to meet a tight schedule on this job, and complete work within the budgeted costs. The job was completed to our satisfaction and that of our engineering company. The crew was easy to work with and took a lot of pride in their work. TMI completed the project safely, without any known incident, and in accordance with OSHA requirements.” Restoring America’s infrastructure is a weighty goal for a coating contractor, but it is inspired by projects like this that require the specialty and skill of TMI Coatings. Each project like this is made possible by the skill and talent of TMI Coatings staff and crew members. TMI Coatings was recommended for additional work by the Project Engineer. TMI’s quality of work, cooperation with staff, cooperation with the public, and timely performance were all rated great!



With 35 years of experience, TMI Coatings will have your project completed on time and within budget. Contact us today at 651-452-6100 for your free, no obligation quote.



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