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Restoration Project Completed Over Memorial Day Weekend


A large agri-food company contracted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to complete a restoration project on their crane rails and a severely eroded floor in their production area. The flooring was in poor shape due to the years of hard abuse. The crane rails were in rough shape due to the grease, high moisture, and low temperatures in which the production area operates. TMI and the agri-food company devised a plan to complete this work over a critical 96-hour shutdown. To complete the project on time, TMI had crews working around the clock.

Procedure Rails:

  • Poly-wrapped and covered sensitive equipment before surface preparation.
  • Degreased work surfaces, followed with a high-pressure detergent wash.
  • Further prepared all steel surfaces by grinding/needle gunning to remove rust.
  • Applied two coats of low-temperature USDA approved rust-inhibiting epoxy coating with a brush and roller.

Procedure Flooring:

  • Set up a containment for heating the area due to the surface temperature being below recommend application temperature.
  • Vacuum steel shotblast and mechanically abrade floor with diamond grinders to roughen and create an anchor pattern for new flooring to adhere to while removing all loose and delaminating flooring.
  • Restored eroded areas and re-sloped towards the drain following original floor slope.
  • Trowel applied a ¼” Cementitious Urethane floor topping system with aggregate for a non-slip finish.


The floor topping restored the eroded concrete and provided a USDA approved material along with cleanliness and safety. We added aggregate for slip-resistance. The low-temperature rust-inhibiting epoxy coating on the structural steel members will reduce corrosion for years to come. Another restoration project completed by TMI Coatings safely and on time.

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