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Restoring Rusting Ceiling Beams at a Cheese Plant


A farmer owned co-op has been making award winning cheese products for over a century, however, they were facing deterioration of their ceiling beams over a production area.  All metal structures eventually become subjected to deterioration and this facility was no different. Their ceiling beams were rusty and unattractive; plus food safety was a concern. In order to protect their finished product, TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) was contracted to complete restoration on the deteriorating ceiling beams at this cheese plant.


• For protection during the application, TMI poly covered equipment.
• Prepared areas by mechanically abrading 100% of the area, removing all loose/delaminating coating, and any rust.
• Due to high humidity, applied two coats of Amerlock, a corrosion resistant epoxy coating that is made for marginally prepared steel structures where sandblasting is impractical or not recommended.


TMI Coatings removed delaminating existing material in the food plant and areas with heavy rust. Access was difficult as all work was done overhead. The final result is restored ceiling beams – food safety is no longer a concern. Bryan Schumacher wrote “nice job!” and gave TMI Coatings an all excellent report card for safety, quality, and service.

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