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Restoring Steel Structures to Meet USDA Guidelines


A Fortune 100 beverage company contracted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to coat various steel structures at one of their facilities in Texas. This project included restoring and re-coating steel beams, channels, connections, various hardware, and supporting steel of a storage tank; corrosion had set in on these components. Rust was becoming increasingly visible. TMI removed rust and failing material and applied a new coating system to the steel structure to meet USDA guidelines.


  • Seal of the immediate area with poly tarpaulins and provide ventilation to prevent fumes/odors from entering adjacent areas of the facility.
  • Prepared all surfaces to ensure proper new coating adhesion:
    • Utilized dry-ice blasting techniques to safely create a suitable surface for new coatings without damaging any surround equipment.
    • Used power tools and needle guns to remove loose rust and flaking paint.
    • Solvent wiped structural steel components.
  • Primed and finish coated all surfaces with Sherwin Williams Macropoxy 646-100 Fast Cure.


TMI took extensive measures to restore all the steel structures for this project as shown by the various mechanical tools and techniques used. Additionally, our crew completed dry-ice blasting to create a suitable surface for subsequent coatings. This dry-ice technique is used in indoor manufacturing facilities as there is little to no debris generated when removing loose and flaking paint – unlike the more common methods of surface preparations. After fully restoring all of the structural steel, TMI applied a multi-coat epoxy system suitable for USDA facilities to increase the longevity of the steel. These epoxy coatings will provide protection against corrosion, chemicals, and abrasions.

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