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Sealing around the Base of Grain Bins


TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) was called to a site in Colorado to seal the bases of three different-sized grain bins that were leaking, causing the local grain cooperative to lose grain and money. TMI mobilized and completed this work in February during cold weather temperatures, enforcing structural integrity, preventing leaks, and adding to the longevity of the grain bins.

Scope of work-

  • Upon TMI’s mobilization to the site, our Superintendent met with the owner and briefly reviewed the project and its details
  • After the preconstruction and safety meeting, the TMI crew got to work washing the bins to ensure they were clean and ready for new high-performance coating
  • TMI skillfully taped off the grain bin bases for a professional finish
  • TMI then applied an epoxy primer for corrosion protection and increased adhesion
  • Finally, we applied a couple of coats of a thick-film asphalt-based elastomeric high-performance coating that will prevent leaking and loss of grain for many years to come


TMI’s field crew completed the bin sealing promptly, safely, and in a quality manner. Another successful grain bin sealing project was completed for the agricultural industry.

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