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Significant Restoration to Metal Silos


A large paper recycling company approached TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) about restoring two of their silos in rough shape and need of significant restoration. The significant restoration was an understatement; the silos had an unappealing exterior due to severe rust. TMI suggested a two-coat system that will protect against further corrosion but is also aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. The extra layer of protection will keep the silos from rusting in the future after TMI has completed its work.


  • TMI poly-wrapped all sensitive equipment that was not removed; so it would not be painted.
  • We then power washed both silos and mechanically abraded the exterior to remove all rust and create an anchor profile. This allows for coating systems to last longer due to increased adhesion.
  • Next, we applied a rust-inhibitor epoxy primer by brush and roller.
  • Lastly, we followed up by applying a urethane topcoat that not only looks good but creates a protective barrier. The topcoat was also applied to the silos by brush and roller to ensure no paint overspray on vehicles or buildings.


The contact Mark Pomush stated, “It went well. [TMI Coatings is] hands down the best painting contractor I ever worked with.” And during the project, Mark stated “so far so good. I don’t have any negatives. The guys have been working safe, staying out of our way, and we’re staying out of theirs. It looks like it’s getting done.”

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