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Solving Floor Erosion Problems in Facilities

TMI Coatings recently completed a project with stringent time requirements. The deadline of February 21 gave the team less than a week to complete a flooring project, which usually is not a problem. However, when prepping the floor, the TMI Superintendent discovered an area approximately 100 sq. ft. where the cap, which is the top portion of the concrete, was disbonding and eroding severely. With other contractors due to start on the 22nd, there was not time to pour a new floor.

As an immediate solution, the TMI Superintendent recommended using a material to fill the damaged areas. The fill product sets up fast and dries quickly. With the owner’s approval, the fill was completed and the TMI Coatings team was able to continue with the flooring project and complete it on schedule. The customer was pleased with the workmanship, safety, cleanliness of the site and his finished floor.
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TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) was contracted to complete a rather straightforward floor erosion project within one week. However, when prepping the floor, a TMI Superintendent discovered a rather large area of the concrete that was disbonding – or detaching from the existing substrate. While this is not altogether uncommon, the newly discovered problem created pressure for the crew to resolve quickly and still complete the project on time. As always, TMI developed a solution swiftly, communicated with the owner, and was able to implement this addition while still completing the project on time.


  • TMI vacuumed steel shotblast and used diamond grinders to roughen concrete to create an anchor pattern for proper coating adhesion.
  • Removed inferior concrete with chipping hammers.
  • Applied a fill product to the top portion of the concrete where the disbonding occurred. The filling product was an epoxy mortar mixture for durability.
  • After curing, cementitious urethane was applied to the entire floor by trowel application.


Despite working within limited time constraints, our construction crew was successfully able to complete this flooring project on time. Our Superintendent was able to identify a significant structural problem in the concrete floor, provide a thorough solution, and complete the project on schedule. TMI’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances and still install high-quality products on time is what puts us ahead of the competition. The location manager was very pleased with our workmanship, safety, and our ability to meet his schedule.

This specific floor topping is designed to protect the concrete from chemical attacks, corrosion, impact, and thermal shock. The seamless topping is low odor and extremely durable. Repeated exposure to heat and industrial work will not cause pitting, cracking, or crazing.

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Begin Prep and Repairs
TMI Coatings Team Applying the Floor Coating
TMI Coatings Team Applying the Floor Coating
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