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Stainless Steel Tank Lined with FIBERLIFE


TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) was contracted to line the interior of a 24’ tall stainless-steel tank with a tank lining system compatible with the customers’ fertilizer product.  Due to the pandemic and urgent timing of the project, an initial site visit was not possible prior to the project start. Knowing that this project would contain some uncertainty it was completed in phases. Once initial surface prep work (sandblasting with special abrasive) and seam sealing were completed, the customer performed a water test to check for leaks in the tank. Water tests showing tank leakage required TMI to “switch gears” with our product and install a fiberglass reinforced lining, or FIBERLIFE, inside the tank.


  • Sandblasted tank interior. Confirmed there were no sharp edges and that welds were smooth and radius.
  • High-temperature-baked the tank to remove impurities inside the substrate.
  • Stripe coated with seam sealer all weld seams and surface irregularities that remained on the internal tank walls.  The irregularities were the result of removing internal bracing brackets which were welded to the tank walls for additional support during shipping.
  • Applied seam sealer to all obvious holes and areas that showed signs of leaking.

tmi coatings tank preparation

After seam sealer cured, the customer water tested the tank for additional leaks that were not visible to the naked eye. Normally the customer would weld the leaking areas, but the tank was too thin, and the holes were too many.  It was either scrap the tank and replace with new, or install a system that could act as not only a lining, but also fill the holes where welding wasn’t an option.

    • Tank was leaking water and weld repairs could not be performed due to the condition of the stainless steel.
    • Additional seam sealing compound was installed where leaks were identified.
    • Installed the FIBERLIFE Tank Lining System, we built a fiberglass tank within the existing stainless-steel tank.
      • Applied a primer to 100% of the area.
      • Applied FIBERLIFE consisting of 2 coats of vinyl resin and embedded fiberglass mat into the resin on each coat.
      • Applied another coat of vinyl ester resin and embed veil into the resin for a complete seal of the fibers.
      • Grinded tank interior fibers for relatively smooth finish.
      • Placed a final seal coat and a wax coat for a smooth finish.


    The tank is now back in service! TMI built a fiberglass tank within the existing stainless-steel tank. The FIBERLIFE system is well known for its resistance to chemicals.  Our field workers are experts at its complex installation.  TMI has installed this system at many facilities throughout the country with great success.  It is commonly applied to ceilings, walls, tanks and dikes.

    With 35 years of experience, TMI Coatings will have your project completed on time and within budget. Contact us today at 651-452-6100 for your free, no obligation quote.


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