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Tank Farm Painting in Texas for a Plastic Manufacturer


A large plastic manufacturer contracted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to restore their steel silos. The silos were experiencing extensive corrosion causing leaking through their roofs and rust along the chime of the tanks. To combat these issues, TMI elected to use a two-coat rust inhibitive epoxy paint on the shell of the tank and urethane elastomer on the roof and chime. TMI has successfully completed numerous silos like these throughout the United States with very coating systems. TMI devised a plan to complete the fourteen silos in a safe manner. Midway through the project, the owner placed an additional order for twelve more silos due to the high-quality work TMI was completing for them. In the end, the plastics manufacturer will have silos that are no longer rusting or having a water intrusion problem; the coatings will last for many years to come.


  • TMI pressure washed 100% of the tank to remove all dirt and dust.
  • Further prepared rusting areas with diamond grinders and wire brushes.
  • Epoxy primed 100% of the tank with a rust-inhibiting primer.
  • Roof
    • Sealed around all penetrations with urethane elastomer and embedded scrim cloth into the wet material to ensure a thorough seal.
    • Applied two heavy coats of urethane elastomer with aggregate in final coat for a non-slip finish.
  • Shell-
    • Applied an acrylic topcoat by brush and roller white in color.
  • Chime-
    • Applied two coats of urethane elastomer 6” on tank shell and 6” on concrete ledge for corrosion prevention and waterproofing at the base of the tank.


After completion of the project, the owner said, “I am very impressed with the way the silos turned out. The TMI crew conducted the work safely, always cleaned up, and communicated effectively throughout the project.” The steel silos are restored to their original beauty while waterproofing the tank roof and chime and creating a safe workspace for the manufacturer’s workers. TMI had the knowledge and experience to install a durable coating system. The work that TMI Coatings provided for this large plastic container manufacturer exceeded their expectations. TMI Coatings finished on time, while performing a professional job in a safe manner.

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