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Tank Restoration at Private University


A private university was in need of a tank restoration. The university contracted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to restore and coat the interior of a concrete brine tank (salt water) for the school’s water treatment system. The concrete tank had built up considerable amounts of brine waste and was experiencing erosion, in addition, the existing polyurea elastomer was failing. With the health and safety of the university’s students and faculty on our minds, TMI went to work, ready to complete another successful tank restoration safely and in a quality manner.


  • Conducted confined space entry procedures.
  • TMI high pressure washed the interior of the tank.
  • TMI removed the failed polyurea.
  • Neutralize the concrete tank.
  • Roughened the concrete surface by sandblasting to create an anchor pattern for new coating adhesion.
  • Applied epoxy primer to the concrete surface.
  • Applied two full coats of thick-film, chemically cured urethane elastomer suitable for potable water.


The university rated TMI Coatings safety as excellent. The new coating protects the concrete from further erosion. The urethane elastomer expands and contracts during temperature changes to prevent cracking, chipping, and peeling. This specific coating is suitable for potable (drinking) water and also hinders the growth of mold or mildew; the new tank lining puts these threats to bed with a protective new coating that has flexibility and durability. Recently, the university contracted TMI to coat two additional concrete tanks for restoration and coating with the same system.

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