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Three Schools; Three Solutions for School Painting Projects


No matter what restoration or painting project a school may have, TMI Coatings Inc. (TMI) has the solution for you. takes care of restoration needs of our schools. We transform flaking paint on brick, steel and concrete into surfaces that are smooth, safe and protective.

Photo of High school gym after it has been paintedPhoto of High school gym after it has been painted

School Gym Duct and Pipe Painting

Recently, TMI professionals recoated the ducts and pipes of a large gym. Due to prior improper surface preparation, we found delaminating paint on galvanized steel substrates.

TMI’s crew began the restoration project by hand. They prepared all surfaces by scraping loose, flaking paint and with compressed air. The bare galvanized steel was then hand-wiped with solvent to ensure a proper substrate condition for paint adhesion. Lastly, the crew applied a quality coating material that was suitable for the ducts and pipes.

Locker room floor while existing coating is being removed.Locker room floor after the new coating has been installed.


School Locker Room Floor Repairs

This school had a problem with peeling paint on locker room floors. The temporary solution of repainting the floors every other year was time-consuming and expensive. The administrative staff contacted us to provide a permanent flooring solution.

TMI Coatings started the project by mechanically abrading the floor to expose the bare concrete. Our crew then applied a low odor CHEM-RESIST flooring system and aggregate for slip-resistant safety.

The new protective flooring provides a durable and long-lasting solution to their locker room floor woes.


Old Gym Face Lift

Many times, older buildings require cosmetic work. With this school project, TMI Coatings painted the gymnasium’s brick and block walls to brighten the area and improve light reflectivity.

Using aerial lifts, TMI crews cleaned the surfaces with hand tools and, with compressed air, removed dirt and debris. Next, they applied two complementary colors of coating materials that were suitable for block and brick surfaces.

Schools find that gym repainting and restorations are a terrific way of showing team spirit!

With over 35 years of experience, TMI Coatings will have your project completed on time and within budget. Contact us today at 651-452-6100 for your free, no obligation quote.


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