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TMI Coatings Applies Food Grade Coating at Food Plant


A large food plant requested TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to coat the ceilings, walls, beams, and piping with a food-grade coating in two separate production rooms – a Testing Lab and a Fruit Room. The existing coatings were poorly bonded. Any peeling or flaking paint could potentially come into contact with the food. TMI consulted with the customer to develop the appropriate plan of action to restore these facilities and protect their product from contamination.


For the Test Lab:

  • Prepared surfaces for new coating adhesion by washing and cleaning.
  • We applied a food-grade elastomer coating with fiber reinforcement to the entire ceiling including I-beams, condenser pans, and surrounding piping.

 For the Fruit Room:

  • Utilized power tools to clean surfaces and remove rust.
  • Applied an epoxy primer for corrosion protection.
  • Installed FIBERLIFE to the entire ceiling in this room including I-beams.


Both coating systems are approved for use in food facilities. The food plant representative chose the elastomer coating installed in the Test Lab because it has fiber reinforcement for advanced durability. The FIBERLIFE coating consists of a fiberglass mat embedded into multiple layers of resin. It provides exceptional corrosion resistance and durability in constant wet environments. Neither coating will chip, peel, or flake. TMI safely completed this project on time and within budget.

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TMI preparing ceiling for coating.
TMI preparing ceiling for coating.
TMI Elastomer Food Grade Coating
Finished ceiling with TMI Elastomer Food Grade Coating.

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