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TMI Coatings Extends Use of Fertilizer Tower


A cooperative recently contracted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to restore a fertilizer tower at one of their facilities. The steel tower was full of rust; fertilizer towers often rust quickly because the fertilizer contains corrosive chemicals. The owner needed the tower to be restored to prolong its use as a vital part of their operation.


  • Sandblasted the entire tower to prepare surfaces for the new coating system.
  • Collected sand to reduce dust, cleaned up and disposed of.
  • Applied an epoxy rust-inhibitive primer coat to strengthen the steel substrate and create a suitable surface for subsequent coatings.
  • Applied a durable topcoat with very good color retention.
TMI Coatings Team Setting up to Sandblast the Fertilizer Tower
TMI Coatings Team Member Applying Primer to the Tower








TMI selected this two-coat system for its resistance to weathering and corrosive chemicals. The final coat was chosen due to its ability to retain color and gloss. This coating system has been used on many fertilizer towers with success. The high-quality material, along with its thorough application, will reduce corrosion on this fertilizer tower for many years to come.

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