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TMI Coatings fixes food manufacturer’s Freezer floor fast

TMI Coatings repaired the floors in the Freezer of a food manufacturer in Tulsa, OK. The customer said that the job went smoothly and that TMI was very professional. He appreciated how the TMI crew operated-—TMI was conscious of the workers in the plant and did a great job ventilating the area. The project needed to be well coordinated in advance due to the limited number of days the freezer could be out of operation. The customer was impressed with the TMI office’s coordination and the timely work done by the TMI crew.

In order to apply the repairs successfully, the freezer temperature was raised to a minimum of 55F and the ice/snow build up was removed. Once the substrate was ready, TMI prepared the surface for new coating adhesion using hand-held grinding disks with vacuum attachments. TMI then applied a durable protective coating material suitable for use in a freezer environment.

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The harsh freezer environment meant extra complications, but TMI met the challenge with a durable protective coating

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