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TMI Coatings Presents the 2021 Project of the Year


One of the world’s largest manufacturers of safety products reached out to TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to help resolve their issues with their roll-off compactors and intermediate bins. The roll-off compactors hold the leftover or useless parts of N95 masks. When they tried to dump the compactor after it was full of product, it wouldn’t flow out. As a result, leftover products stuck in the compactors resulted in the compactors filling up faster than a normal day, affecting the day-to-day processes for the company. The intermediate bins were having water leak into the bins destroying precious resin needed to construct N95 masks. After trying a couple of different things in-house; nothing worked. With the owner’s help and our field crew, TMI devised a plan utilizing a Teflon-filled epoxy material that would allow the product to easily flow out of the containers. TMI was also able to stop the water leaking into the intermediate bins.

Roll-off Compactor Procedure:

  1. We set up temporary construction heat due to outside temperatures below freezing, and the product specified required a minimum 55° F substrate temperature.
    1. We wrapped the exteriors of the compactors with insulation.
    2. Poly-covered the end and secured ducting attached to an electric heater to maintain safety and ambient working conditions.
  2. Next, we sandblasted the roll-off compactor to SSPC-SP10 Near White Metal Blast to remove the existing lining and create an anchor profile.
  3. Then we stripe coated all the weld seams to ensure proper coverage of the specified dry film thickness.
  4. We then spray-applied two full coats of a Teflon-rich epoxy material at a total of 12-15 mils dry film thickness.
  5. Finally, we forced cured the compactors with temporary construction heat to shorten the return to service timeline and increase product hardness.

We repeated this process six more times for a total of seven compactors lined.

TMI Coatings Compactor with insulation

Intermediate Bins Procedure:

  1. We pressure washed the exteriors and mechanically abraded the surface to create a profile.
  2. We professionally taped the seams for clean lines.
  3. We applied a bonding primer specifically formulated for the urethane elastomer coating.
  4. Finally, we applied several coats of urethane elastomer to create a seamless waterproof barrier.

We repeated this process three more times for a total of four intermediate bins.

TMI Coatings Intermediate bin waterproofing


TMI would like to recognize Fred Arnold and the entire crew for completing this project safely and in a timely manner in cold temperatures. After TMI completed this compactor lining and intermediate bin waterproofing project, the two site contacts said, “The compactors look good and we are very happy overall,” and “The compactors are doing great; the truck drivers love dumping the ones that were recently lined.” Further, the owner representative said, “Fred and team were great to work with, very professional.”

TMI Coatings. Safety. Quality. On time. In that order.

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