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TMI Coatings Project of the Year 2018 announced!


TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) Project of the Year 2018 was awarded to American Crystal Sugar in Moorhead! TMI completed a large-scale project on the 8-pack of silos at American Crystal Sugar. Each silo is 45’ in diameter by 108’ high. Over the last couple of years, TMI has completed protective coatings on the silo exteriors, silo roofs, lower gantry sides, upper gantries, head house, gallery, and Double Gantry sides and roof. The TMI crew safely rigged and completed concrete restoration and multiple types of specialized protective coatings to give this facility a makeover. The many parts of the silo 8-pack are now protected from the elements and look beautiful!

To begin, the silo and Double Gantry roofs were prepared and coated with urethane elastomer. Urethane elastomer is applied in a heavy-duty, thick-film manner. It expands and contracts, therefore, will not crack, chip, or peel due to temperature changes. Urethane elastomer is tough, durable, and suitable for industrial use. It has good chemical and abrasion resistance making it ideal for silo roofs.

For the silo exteriors, TMI completed extensive surface preparation and restoration before applying the exterior protective coating. TMI prepared the concrete surfaces by pressure washing and hand/power tool cleaning. TMI routed out large cracks down to the sound substrate. Loose and spalling concrete is not only an eyesore but can be a real safety hazard. So TMI made sure to rout out deteriorated concrete and cracks to replace them with a cementitious mortar mix designed for vertical application. TMI also cut out failed sealant from the vertical control joints. This failed sealant was replaced with a new backer rod and high-performance elastomeric polyurethane sealant. The exposed rebar was hand/power tool cleaned and primed with a high-solids polyamide epoxy. This epoxy is specifically designed for use on marginally prepared surfaces to protect against corrosion.

Once the substrate was prepared and properly restored, TMI applied a two-coat elastomeric waterproof coating system to the silo exteriors. This coating system is specifically designed to resist wind-driven rain and to help prevent water penetration into the substrate. It has excellent adhesion to the concrete substrate for long-term durability. And its UV resistance provides excellent color retention for a long-lasting, attractive finish.

To finish off the silos, TMI painted the American Crystal Sugar logo in vibrant blue, red, yellow, and green. TMI also painted the Double Gantry with a two-coat protective coating system that coordinated with the elastomeric coating.

It is clear to see from the video footage and photos why American Crystal Sugar won TMI Project of the Year 2018. The result is both effective at protecting the silo infrastructure and aesthetically pleasing for the facility. Also, the TMI crew worked safely and in accordance with OSHA standards on a difficult and large project. Congratulations to the TMI crewmembers and staff that worked on American Crystal Sugar in Moorehead!

Video footage from TMI Coatings Project of the Year 2018

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