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TMI Installs Sloped Flooring at a Fortune 500 Company


A Fortune 500 Company was renovating their (5) air handler units in one of their corporate buildings due to corrosion issues. TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) was hired to install a liquid applied coating system that would slope the floor of the air handler units towards the existing drains. The Fortune 500 Company needed the water to drain properly, so bacteria and allergens would not develop in the air handler units. TMI devised a plan to complete the project on time and safely.


  • TMI prepared the surfaces by mechanically abrading 100% of the surface area to remove any rust and create an anchor profile.
  • TMI applied an epoxy mortar mixture to slope the floor towards the drain.
  • TMI primed the surface for adhesion purposes.
  • TMI applied two full coats of urethane elastomer and added aggregate for a non-slip finish for safety of walking in the air handler units.


Upon completion of the project, the representative from the Fortune 500 company said, “The crew did a good job, got in and got out.” Another job completed, on time, on budget, and safely by TMI Coatings.

Photo of the condition of the air handlers before coating.
Photo of finished product after TMI Coatings was completed.


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