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TMI Lines Cooling Tower Basins to Reduce Corrosion


TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) recently restored and replaced linings in eight rooftop cooling tower basins on two separate buildings. Cooling tower basins are constantly subjected to chemicals – which can cause corrosion to the metal pan and possible growth of fungus. TMI restored these basins by recommending and installing a new coating system that provides corrosion protection increasing the longevity of these structures.








  • Removed the existing failed lining in each basin.
  • Sandblasted all surfaces to create an anchor pattern for proper adhesion.
  • Applied a primer coat to create a strong bond between the substrate and the subsequent coatings.
  • Applied two coats of a urethane elastomer coating which is durable, flexible, and doesn’t promote mold or mildew growth.


TMI recommended the elastomeric tank lining system because it creates a water and chemical resistant barrier. Its seamless finish will extend the life of the basin. This waterproof coating also provides excellent protection against corrosion and abrasions. The two-coat system, combined with a primer coat, bonds tenaciously to concrete and steel substrates – making it a perfect system for cooling tower basins.

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