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TMI Performs Tube Sheet and Water Box Coating

TMI Coatings Inc. was awarded a contract with Colorado Springs Utilities to perform repairs, surface preparation and coating application to two large condensers at the Martin Drake Power Plant located in Colorado. Prior to surface preparation and coating application, approximately 8,600 7/8” outside diameter stainless steel tube ends were precisely trimmed and flared flush with the tube sheet with specialty tooling. Nearly 17,200 sandblast plugs were firmly set prior to sandblasting all surfaces of the tube sheets and water boxes to SSPC-SP10 / NACE No.2 Near White Blast. Following surface preparation, specialty coating plugs were precisely set in all 17,200 tube ends where TMI applied a 200 mil 100% solids epoxy coating to all four tube sheets.


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TMI Performs Tube Sheet and Water Box Coating

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