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TMI Prevents Puddling & Slippery Floors


“The floors are great; we are very pleased with them.” – Dan O’Brian, the Project Manager.

A Midwestern food manufacturer contracted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) for a safety project. At one of their facilities, water was consistently running onto their slippery floors and forming puddles rather than properly draining towards drains. This resulted in a significant slipping hazard to the company’s employees. TMI had the solution to their issue. TMI devised a plan to slope the floor for proper drainage and use our CHEM-RESIST flooring system. CHEM-RESIST is a non-slip floor system that is durable and slip-resistant for safety.


  • Pressure washed all areas to remove dirt and debris.
  • TMI mechanically abraded 100% of the area for proper adhesion and removed all contaminants.
  • Sloped floors towards existing drains to make it easier for water to drain more efficiently.
  • We applied a thick-film, seamless CHEM-RESIST flooring solution.
  • Added aggregate for a safe, non-slip finish to eliminate slipping hazards.


TMI’s solution is what the customer desired. We redesigned the floor slope to ensure no puddling would occur in the future. Additionally, our field crew installed the CHEM-RESIST coating system – a flooring solution that protects the concrete from harsh chemicals. CHEM-RESIST is USDA-approved making it suitable for use in food manufacturing environments. In addition to sloping the floor, the added aggregate will prevent any slippery floors in the future for this manufacturing facility.

TMI can help solve slippery floor problems.

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