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TMI Vacuum Blasts/Paints Large Standpipe

Cottage Grove, a city in Minnesota, awarded TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) the project of recoating the interior and exterior of their one million-gallon standpipe. TMI vacuum blasted the tank exterior, which kept dust levels low. By vacuum blasting the standpipe, TMI met MPCA and OSHA regulations. TMI’s fieldmen collected an abrasive sample to test for heavy metals to ensure proper disposal. A three-coat system was applied to the entire exterior.

The interior of the standpipe is considered a confined space. TMI blasted, collected another sample, and applied two coats NSF coating to the entire tank interior. The tank was washed out and disinfected, and placed back on line. TMI completed the work safely promptly.

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Photo of TMI Painting Large Standpipe

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