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Tnemec Stranlok for Jails and Prisons


Correctional facilities are not immune to deterioration and corrosion. Countless inmates, officers, and visitors put pressure on these structures over the years. For this specific prison, their showers were heavily corroded due to the constant weathering down of the floors and walls from water. The floors and walls developed considerable cracks and irregularities. The drains were also damaged and required repair. Full restoration of these facilities was desperately needed.


  • Mechanically abrade surfaces to remove loose, delaminated existing coating material and create a suitable profile for the new coating adhesion.
  • Install epoxy CHEM-RESIST with an aggregate broadcast to fill in fractures around the drain and other damaged areas to the floors.
  • Apply a fiberglass reinforced coating with an industrial resin. Further embed a fiberglass mat into the wet resin.
  • After that application cures, apply another coat of resin and a final top coat to cover all glass fibers for a smooth and durable finish.


Despite these facilities being littered with cracks, gaps, and fractures, our experienced staff was able to successfully identify the proper product for this specific project and effectively apply the product. The fractures were filled and all the surfaces were coated with a fiberglass coating to provide excellent strength and durability. The showers are now fully restored and ready to be used for many years to come.

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