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Truck Driving School Gas Tank Enclosure Project


A semi-truck driving school commissioned TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to recoat two exterior steel containment gas tank enclosures on site. Due to the flammable and combustible liquids stored inside, special precautions were taken to ensure the crew’s and others’ safety. With help from the owner’s representative, we put together a plan to complete this work swiftly and in a high-quality manner.


  • Before beginning work, the owner removed all labels and identified any equipment requiring covering to protect during installation.
  • TMI prepared the surfaces by pressure washing and hand/tool cleaning to remove dirt, flaking paint, and rust.
  • One full coat of rust-inhibitive epoxy primer was applied with a brush and roller.
  • Subsequent top coats of a high-quality coating suitable for flammable environments were applied.


The two steel containments are now sealed and protected. The driving school customer told our superintendent that he was amazed by the thorough surface preparation and that there was no rust bleed-through. He also said the crew was friendly and worked safely, and the finished project turned out well.

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