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University Hospital Rooftop Helipad Restoration


The University of Colorado Hospital commissioned TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to recoat and reinstall the design pattern and lettering on their rooftop helipad. The original coatings were worn, creating a safety hazard for staff and the aircraft personnel. Due to the FAA’s strict guidelines, TMI worked closely with the hospital to ensure all safety standards were met.


  1. The owner relocated all moveable equipment to create open access to the area.
  2. Work was scheduled far ahead of time so the hospital could make other arrangements for emergency situations.
  3. TMI prepped the area by mechanically abrading all surfaces to create a profile for subsequent coating adhesion. The loose and delaminating coating was also removed.
  4. A primer suitable for metal substrates and to withstand heating with glycol coils was applied to the entire area by brush and roller.
  5. Aggregate was added to provide anti-slip protection for personnel moving gurneys.
  6. Lastly, the design and lettering were installed to match the FAA’s guidelines.


High contrasting colors were utilized to ensure pilots can see the rooftop helipad in low visibility. The aggregate applied also creates an anti-slip safeguard allowing aircraft personnel and hospital staff to move quickly and safely. This restoration maintains the helipad’s appearance and is essential in creating a safe work environment. Manager, Safety & Environment of Care communicated, “TMI was great! Easy to work with, easy to contact, good communicators, flexible, etc. For us, they took our 10-year-old helipad on a Level 1 Trauma Center and restored it to its original glory! I’d definitely use them again!”

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