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A Waterproof Solution: Urethane Elastomer

Tank Lining by TMI CoatingsTMI Coatings Tank Linings

A waterproof solution, TMI’s Urethane Elastomer is commonly applied in:

Urethane elastomer is a proven product with over 40 years of use in the coatings industry. This product has been a staple for TMI Coatings due to its proven performance and versatility. Urethane elastomer is suitable for a wide variety of applications. This product is also a fast curing chemically cured elastomeric coating that can withstand UV rays and changes in temperature and weather conditions. Proven performance and product reliability is only part of the equation when selecting what system to use. TMI’s emphasis on proper surface preparation ensures adhesion of the urethane elastomer to dissimilar surfaces such as concrete to steel. Depending on substrate type and customer preference, TMI can power wash at 4000 psi, sandblast per SSPC requirements, mechanically abrade, CO2 blast or hand tool. When you combine TMI’s over 35 years of experience and knowledge with a proven product, we can provide our customers with a long-term solution to all of their waterproofing needs. Discover why potential customers are trusting TMI Coatings with their industrial coatings needs.

Benefits of Urethane Elastomer include:

  • Seamless, monolithic finish suitable for constant immersion
  • Provides significant chemical and abrasion protection
  • Creates a thorough waterproof seal
  • Reduces corrosion
  • Superior adhesion to dissimilar substrates.

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