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Water Room Wall Rehab Project for Pepsi


Pepsi Beverage Company hired TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to overhaul the walls in their water room at their Burnsville, MN facility. The current coating was cracking and flaking due to the high humidity in the water room. TMI installed low-odor FIBERLIFE because it is approved by the USDA and safe to use in facilities that manufacture and process items with incidental food contact;  it also eliminates peeling and flaking paint in water-saturated environments.

Photo of TMI Coatings Water Room Wall Rehab Project


  • We installed poly between the production line and the project area to minimize interference with the company’s production.
  • We mechanically abraded 100% of the wall to remove the loose or delaminating coating to prep for the new layer.
  • Eroded concrete was restored and imperfections filled in on the existing concrete wall.
  • Installed FIBERLIFE (low odor) fiberglass reinforced system:
    • We applied the base coat of resin and then embedded the fiberglass mat into the wet resin. We overlapped the mat to ensure the entire wall area was thoroughly covered.
    • Next, we applied an additional coat of resin.
    • After curing was complete, we sanded the wall and applied a topcoat. This ensured the fiberglass was completely covered and the wall was smooth.
    • Finally, a urethane topcoat was applied to provide a glossy finish to the walls.


The Pepsi representative was pleased with the job and how little the project interfered with production. All the walls are now fully sealed and resistant to chipping, peeling, and flaking, preventing moisture from penetrating the coating, causing it to fail.

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