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Waterproofing Roofs for CHS: Solving the Challenge of Roof Coating


Roofs are essential to any building structure, protecting the contents underneath it from the elements. However, when roofs face issues such as leaks or water damage, it becomes imperative to address them correctly. This is precisely the challenge that CHS met when they approached TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) with their waterproofing needs. In this profile, we will detail how our team tackled the problem and provided an effective solution by applying roof coating to their 500-bin rooftops.

Understanding the scope of work:

It was crucial for us to comprehend the project’s scope. CHS needed us to work on two sections, each measuring 155′ long and 16′ wide, along with roof/wall junctures and penetrations. This amounted to a total area of 5,500 square feet. We were entrusted with debris from the roof areas, over 120’ from the ground. CHS de-energized electrical equipment and identified sensitive equipment requiring poly wrapping or covering for protection by TMI.

Executing the solution:

We systematically approached the project to ensure effective and long-lasting results for CHS. A step-by-step breakdown of our process:

1. Relocation and preparations: We began by crane lifting the materials to the roofs. Then, we cleared the workspace to allow us to work efficiently. CHS provided open access to the project site, ensuring a smooth workflow for our team. Additionally, we removed lightning cables as necessary and prepared to engage our subcontractor to remove the asbestos layers.

2. Removing existing roofing layers: With their expertise in asbestos-containing materials removal, our subcontractor was responsible for safely and efficiently removing the existing layers of EPDM and asbestos-containing felt and roofing material down to the tar-covered concrete substrate. They also disposed of all the existing debris. For this process, they utilized the crane, ensuring a safe, seamless operation.

3. Surface preparation: Our team removed the existing tar material down to the sound concrete after removing the old roofing layers. This step was crucial in preparing a clean and suitable surface for the roof coating application. We performed high-pressure wash cleaning to eliminate dirt, debris, and contaminants. For stubborn residues, we mechanically abraded the surface while adhering to safety protocols by wearing respirators.

4. Roof coating application: We applied the roof coating once the surface was thoroughly prepared. We utilized Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy 646, a trusted epoxy primer known for its durability. To achieve the desired consistency and facilitate application, we used R7K15 thinner. This was applied to all steel roof penetrations and the concrete substrate to reduce corrosion and offer a rust-proof seal before waterproofing.

5. Additional protective measures: To ensure the longevity and integrity of the roof coating, we applied a protective coating known for its resistance to chemicals and water. Trowel grade was applied to effectively seal any areas of concern, including along the roof edges, pour joints, roof penetrations, and the roof/wall junctures. Furthermore, a bonding agent was used to enhance the adhesion of the protective coating. As an added measure of protection, we reinforced vulnerable areas with scrim cloth.


Our team successfully addressed CHS’ challenge of waterproofing their roofs using proper roof coating materials able to withstand ponding water. The thorough removal of existing layers, diligent surface preparation, and application of top-quality products have provided CHS with a durable and long-lasting solution for their 500-bin rooftops. With our commitment to excellence in workmanship, we ensure the satisfaction of our clients, as exemplified by the authorized company representative’s signature at the end of the project. CHS can now rest assured that their roofs are well-protected from the elements, protecting their agricultural products. TMI Coatings. Safety. Quality. On time. In that order.’

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