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July 25, 2022

University Hospital Rooftop Helipad Restoration

The University of Colorado Hospital commissioned TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to recoat and reinstall the design pattern and lettering on their rooftop helipad. The original coatings were worn, creating a…

May 12, 2021

Hospital Helipad Restoration by TMI Coatings

TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) was contracted by a renowned hospital to complete a helipad restoration project by applying a new coating system to the surface. The original coatings were heavily…

June 4, 2020

TMI Restores Hospitals Mechanical Room Floor

Aspirus Hospital called on TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to restore concrete flooring in a large mechanical room. Years of wear had taken a toll on the mechanical room flooring, requiring…

June 11, 2018

Brick Building Facade Repaired With Stucco

TMI Coatings completed restoration on a multi-story, century-old brick building in Minneapolis.  The customer contacted TMI Coatings after a large section of the upper brick facade fell off.  TMI got…

December 27, 2017

Industrial Floor Coatings

What floor product is right for your environment?  TMI Coatings offers a variety of floor coating systems to ensure it will last. Some of the most common coatings we provide…

July 21, 2017

Tnemec Stranlok for Jails and Prisons

Correctional facilities are not immune to deterioration and corrosion. Countless inmates, officers, and visitors put pressure on these structures over the years. For this specific prison, their showers were heavily…

August 26, 2016

Tortilla Manufacturing Company Flooring Upgrade

A tortilla manufacturing company requested TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) install protective flooring at their facility in their Production and Packaging Areas totaling 13,000 square feet.  In the Packaging Area, 6,500…

April 26, 2016

ESD Flooring in Medical Manufacturing Facility

Have you ever dreamed of sliding across your manufacturing facility floor in your socks like Tom Cruise in “Risky Business”?  It is very unlikely and this isn’t exactly the same,…

April 1, 2016

Office Renovations With TMI CHEM-RESIST Flake Floor

How can an epoxy flooring system help increase light reflectivity and, at the same time, create a decorative look for a professional office space?  TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) recently showed…

August 24, 2015

Stucco Restoration

TMI Coatings completed stucco restoration on a 1920’s vintage factory in the Midwest. TMI’s restoration crew framed out over a dozen recessed openings along with full removal of failing and…

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