Toro Spherical Tank Knuckle

Toro-Spherical Tank

TMI Coatings, Inc. specializes in the rehabilitation and repainting of elevated water storage tanks.  With construction of elevated tanks being built to a wide variety of styles and sizes, the…

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Blue Painted Pipe

City of Temple Pipe Painting

TMI Coatings recently completed a rehabilitation project for the City of Temple Water Treatment Department.  The scope of work included sandblasting and painting water pipes inside of a building and…

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Northern Natural Gas Pipes

Northern Natural Gas

TMI Coatings was contracted by Northern Natural Gas to complete painting on their pipes.  TMI first protected equipment around the area to prevent damage during surface preparation and painting.  TMI then had…

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Tall Blue Beams Stretch As Far As The Eyes Can See Into The Sky.

Montana Energy Facility

A Montana energy facility requested TMI Coatings to sandblast, prime, and coat steel screens at River Station.  TMI first contained the large screen to reduce the risk of abrasive and…

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