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November 19, 2021

Concrete Pond Coating for Insurance Company

A large life insurance company in Minneapolis, MN, contracted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to restore and coat a decorative concrete pond in their courtyard. The concrete pond had begun to…

November 10, 2021

Concrete Wall Coating for Cheese Cooperative

A large cheese cooperative contracted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to perform concrete wall coating. It was essential to the cooperative to continue producing while TMI was working on the wall.…

October 28, 2021

Concrete Silo Roofs Coated to Withstand Ponding Water

A billion-dollar grain company hired TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to restore a quarter-mile of their concrete silo roofs. These concrete silos store grain: therefore, a durable and properly coated roof…

June 29, 2021

Boiler Tank Receives Radiant Barrier Insulation

TMI Coatings Inc, (TMI) was contracted to complete restoration on a boiler tank for a regional treatment plant. TMI applied a fluid-applied insulative coating to the exterior of the tank…

June 25, 2021

Pool Restoration Project for City of Fargo

The City of Fargo Park District hired TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to complete a pool restoration project on an outdoor pool.  The city wanted the project done right away so…

May 25, 2021

Silo Roof Waterproofing in Northern Iowa

When asked about the silo roof waterproofing job, the location leader said, “Everything went well in accordance with the plan, minus the weather difficulties.  The crew did well and overall,…

May 12, 2021

Hospital Helipad Restoration by TMI Coatings

TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) was contracted by a renowned hospital to complete a helipad restoration project by applying a new coating system to the surface. The original coatings were heavily…

April 2, 2021

Steel Barge Conveyor Painting Project

A Fortune 100 company reached out to TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to clean and paint a large steel conveyor that unloads barges. TMI has completed various concrete and steel restoration…

February 26, 2021

Restoring Steel Structures to Meet USDA Guidelines

A Fortune 100 beverage company contracted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to coat various steel structures at one of their facilities in Texas. This project included restoring and re-coating steel beams,…

December 28, 2020

High Density Fireproofing on Steel Legs

A Fortune 500 industrial goods company hired TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to do high density fireproofing to steel tank legs of a liquid gas storage tank. The owner needed work…

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