TMI Coatings Steel Tank Restoration

Steel Tank Restoration

Every structure experiences deterioration. It is what you do to restore them that determines the safety, longevity, and usefulness for your facilities. TMI Coatings is driven by our endless desire…

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TMI Coatings Water Tower Restoration

Need Tank Inspection?

Corrosion may set in slowly, but it requires knowledge and maintenance to keep a structure standing. A historic, 100-year-old water tower in Elk River, Minnesota is a perfect example of…

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TMI Coatings Clarifier Interior After

Clarifier Tank Coating

TMI Coatings makes old tanks new again. When a large dairy cooperative heard that we had experience with protecting tanks from interior as well as exterior corrosion, TMI Coatings was…

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TMI Coatings Tank Sandblasting

Sucrose Tank Lining

Whether it's the consumption by humans or animals, food-grade tank lining installation follows strict guidelines. With these projects, TMI Coatings always takes extra precautions for health and safety. ADM Corn…

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TMI Coatings Crew Member Mechanically Abrading Steel Sump Tank.

Steel Sump Tank Coating

TMI Coatings was recently contracted to coat the interior of a steel sump tank. Due to this tank being inside the facility, TMI utilized mechanical diamond grinders with vacuum attached…

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