CO2 Blasting Removes Peeling and Flaking Paint in Food Manufacturer’s Facility

A food manufacturer in Minnesota recently hired TMI Coatings to remove the existing paint from the ceiling of their plant. They wanted to remove the existing paint, which was chipping, peeling and flaking.  The first step was to protect the sensitive equipment, including fragile gauges and electronic control panel boxes. The team used CO2 to blast the ceiling using dry ice particles, an air compressor and a dry ice machine.

CO2 blasting is often used to remove  loose and flaking paint or simply to clean a substrate without damage to delicate parts such as gauges, control panel boxes, or lights. With CO2 blasting, there is no need to use additional chemicals for the cleaning. Dry ice blasting is safe and adds no moisture/water to the area being prepared. For this project, the clean up consisted of paint chips only. The dry ice evaporated and the chips, dirt and grime came off in a powder form, allowing for quick cleanup. There is almost no secondary waste to clean up and dispose of when CO2 blasting.

In another area of the plant, the TMI team applied a unique food grade approved elastomer coating to encapsulate the existing flaking paint and to provide a more sanitary food preparation area.

Elevated Water Tower

Elevated Water Tower

The City of Fargo, ND recently hired TMI Coatings to re-coat their elevated single pedestal water tower. The job included exterior containment, abrasive blasting, testing abrasive samples for heavy metals…

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