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Concrete Silo Restoration and Coatings in Fort Dodge, IA

TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) is a painting and restoration contractor that restores and waterproofs the exterior of concrete silos. Spalling concrete occurs on silos due to moisture entering cracks causing rebar to expand. TMI identified spalling concrete, removes the inferior concrete, sandblasts or wire brushes rebar and repairs the void; TMI utilizes non-sagging mortar to fill the void, which is made for vertical applications, unlike standard mortar. To protect the newly applied mortar, TMI installs elastomeric waterproof coating to the exterior of concrete silos. Concrete silo restoration requires specialized equipment to reach the areas as they could range in heights of ground level to 150+ feet in the area and unable to access via aerial lifts. We safely rig the silos with OSHA-approved procedures and equipment.

Benefits of Restoration and Coating of Concrete Silos

  • Protects structural integrity of concrete
  • Reduces spalling concrete
  • Seals cracks
  • Safety of individuals working below
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Resistant to wind-driven rain
  • Formulated to not chip, peel, or crack

Over the past 30 years, TMI has completed several concrete silo restoration projects for New Cooperative in Palmer, IA, Clare, IA, Humboldt, IA, Vincent, IA, and Moorland, IA. We have also completed other concrete silo restoration projects for AGP in Mason City, IA, Cargill Feed in Montgomery City, MO, and many others throughout the Central United States.

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