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Concrete Silo Restoration and Coating in Crookston, Minnesota

TMI Coatings is currently completing a large concrete silo restoration and coating project in northwest Minnesota.  TMI’s crew safely rigged scaffolding from the silo roofs to access the silo walls to remove all loose and/or spalling concrete.  TMI then prepared all exposed rebar by mechanically abrading to remove rust prior to priming.  TMI’s crew then applied a cementitious mortar specifically designed for vertical surfaces to fill voids and restore surfaces to surrounding plane.  After repairs we will apply a waterproof coating to silo exteriors.  This two coat system consists of a primer and top coat.  The top coat is a waterproof coating which will resist wind driven rain and span hairline cracks for a waterproof exterior.

Silo Restoration

Anaerobic Digesters And Sludge Tank

Anaerobic Digesters And Sludge Tank

TMI Coatings, Inc. recently completed a repainting project for the City of Lincoln, Nebraska at a Water Resource Recovery Facility.  The project consisted of re-coating the exteriors of three anaerobic…

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