Concrete Silo Restoration and Coating in Crookston, Minnesota

TMI Coatings is currently completing a large concrete silo restoration and coating project in northwest Minnesota.  TMI’s crew safely rigged scaffolding from the silo roofs to access the silo walls to remove all loose and/or spalling concrete.  TMI then prepared all exposed rebar by mechanically abrading to remove rust prior to priming.  TMI’s crew then applied a cementitious mortar specifically designed for vertical surfaces to fill voids and restore surfaces to surrounding plane.  After repairs we will apply a waterproof coating to silo exteriors.  This two coat system consists of a primer and top coat.  The top coat is a waterproof coating which will resist wind driven rain and span hairline cracks for a waterproof exterior.

Fixing A Leaky Corrugated Metal Roof

Fixing a Leaky Corrugated Metal Roof

An energy company hired TMI Coatings to repair the corrugated metal roof of their shop building that was experiencing leaking problems. TMI cleaned the roof and then replaced all missing…

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TMI Prepares And Coats Ceiling

TMI Prepares and Coats Ceiling

A large poultry processor in Wisconsin hired TMI Coatings to paint their bar joist ceiling in a production area. High moisture and rigorous wash downs had caused the old ceiling…

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