Concrete Water Reservoir Rehabilitation

TMI Coatings, Inc. recently completed a project rehabilitating two (2) reservoirs for Muscatine Power & Water in Muscatine, Iowa. The project included cleaning and recoating the exterior and interior of two (2) 1.5 million-gallon round concrete ground storage tanks, installing elastomeric liners on floor joints, repairing cracks and recoating the domes.

The project began with surface preparation of the interior areas scheduled for rehabilitation.  TMI removed the existing interior coating to expose surface cracking and delamination in the concrete. Over 1,000 linear feet of cracks were repaired using an urethane elastomeric coating system to fill the cracks. At spalled and delaminated concrete areas, damaged concrete was chipped out followed by blast cleaning to remove any loose remaining material and prepare the exposed rebar.  Exposed rebar received a cementitious epoxy resin with corrosion inhibitor coating followed by concrete patching at each repair area.  After repairs of the spalled and delaminated concrete, TMI installed a new waterproofing elastomeric system to the interior tank walls and floor joints to eliminate leakage.

Tank exteriors were water blasted clean to remove foreign matter, dust, dirt, laitance and other surface contaminants and to expose surface cracking and delamination in the concrete.  Exterior cracks were filled with a polyurethane joint sealant at an approximate quantity of 250 linear feet per tank in addition to concrete patching similar to the tank’s interior.  Tank exteriors were re-coated with two (2) coats of an elastomeric acrylic coating suitable for exterior concrete tanks.  As shown in the pictures, the tanks are finished in a protective, yet decorative coating designed to resist ultraviolet light and airborne pollutants.

TMI completed this work in a safe manner and within the allotted schedule.

Aaron Gross, Muscatine Power and Water said “TMI’s safety at the site was exceptional, they always had their fall arrest system connected and their crew members were very good about using that equipment all the time.  They checked the air in the morning and after breaks and their workers logged in and out of the tanks, which was one of my concerns that they took very seriously.  TMI finished the work about six weeks early.  They were always on site and would work from sun up until sun down or until the work was finished and I was very impressed with that.  Other things that I liked about TMI was their cleanliness of the jobsite.  TMI picked up after themselves and organized their equipment.  The quality of work was exceptional.  The CIM coating was a difficult product to use inside of the tank.  When TMI’s crew found holidays, they fixed them promptly.  Their quality was spot on, if there was an issue, they resolved it and worked to make it better.  If I arrived on site, they would stop and talk to me to see if I had any questions.  TMI would explain what they were doing and how they were doing it.  I want to thank TMI for a great project and I look forward to them bidding on our next reservoir project.”

With 35 years of experience, TMI Coatings will have your project completed on time and within budget. Contact us today at 651-452-6100 for your free, no obligation quote.

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Muscatine Concrete Water Reservoir Rehabilitation after TMI Coatings repainted it.

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