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Condensate Tank

An Economical Solution To Corrosion Problems

Cement Lining of a Tank

TMI Coatings completed an emergency repair of a Deaerator Tank. TMI prepared the surface by hand/tool cleaning then applied a cement liner to the tank interior. TMI crewmembers are confined space entry (CSE) trained to be OSHA Compliant.

TMI primed and finish coated the tank exterior with an innovative thermal insulating coating that protects metal substrates from corrosion under insulation (CUI).

“TMI was very professional, didn’t make a mess, it was a nice project, I appreciate the job you did. Everything is back in service and operating like a new tank. ” Per Jim Murphy of the St. Peter Regional Treatment Center.

Sump Tank Lining

TMI prepared surfaces by mechanically abrading to remove loose and delaminating coating material and rust and to create a profile for new coating adhesion.  To further prepare the crew used solvent wiping to remove dust, dirt and other possible contaminants.  TMI then applied a bonding primer to the steel substrates before applying two full coats of urethane elastomer in a thick film finish to the tank interior.

Sump Pit Lining

TMI removed 100% of the existing lining from 3 large condenser sump pits by mechanically abrading and using chipping hammers.  The crew further prepared the concrete substrate by sandblasting.  TMI restored eroded areas to surrounding plane using an epoxy mortar mix. A special formulation epoxy moisture mitigating primer was applied to the walls and floors.  TMI then applied a FIBERLIFE fiberglass reinforced vinyl ester tank lining system. TMI prepared and applied a chemical resistant epoxy system to the ladders and other previously coated steel components.


Chiller Tube Sheet Coating

TMI mechanically abrades or sandblasts within an enclosure for dust mitigation to prepare the steel substrate. The tube sheet ends and end cap surfaces then receive a high-build epoxy protective coating to reduce corrosion.


Chiller end cap that was sandblasted and painted

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Tank Lining for Dilling Group in Indiana

Taking care of your equipment and performing preventative maintenance are the best ways to prolong the life of your tanks.  That’s why Dilling Group in Lafayette, IN, called TMI Coatings, Inc (TMI). Dilling Group had two condensate tanks for their boilers, which gave them trouble year after year.  Without these tanks, they would not be…

TMI Coatings Lines Interior of Condensate Tank

A mechanical company contracted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to sandblast and line the interior of a condensate tank at a private college dormitory. This tank was a crucial part of the heating system in this building, so work had to be done very quickly within a specific timeframe while students had leftover the Easter holiday.…

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