Containment Area

TMI Coatings was once again contracted by a local metal fabrication and plating company to thoroughly line the interior floor, trench interior and wall curbs of a plating line expansion building. The project consisted of over 3,500 sq. ft. of a FIBERLIFE vinyl ester protective coating system to the floor space, up the side curb walls and down into the trenches and grating ledges to thoroughly seal and protect the underlying concrete substrate from any chemical exposure. The adjacent half of the room that will not see any production required sealing in of all of the saw cut lines/joints and floor/wall juncture gaps with a semi-rigid polyurea to further minimize the off chance of any chemical seepage into the ground should there be a spill. This was the second large scale containment area lining project we have completed for this facility, the fourth overall project in the last five years. During project completion while on site, owner commented that TMI’s Superintendent and crew does good work and the past projects TMI completed have held up well through the years.

metal fabrication and plating company industrial flooring being laid down by TMI Coatings.
TMI Paints Water Tower In Dallas, TX

TMI Paints Water Tower in Dallas, TX

TMI Coatings’ painters applied a zinc primer, an epoxy intermediate coat, and a quality topcoat to the exterior of an elevated water tower.  The crew used specialty hoists and steel cables…

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