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Containment Dike Liners

Protect your concrete by installing a protective coating suitable for splash-and-spill and/or short term immersion service

Containment Dike Lining

TMI Coatings installs dike liners for splash and spill and short term containment of a variety of chemicals. Containment dikes must be lined to protect the concrete from deterioration due to chemical splash and spill of acids, petroleum products and other chemicals.

Containment Dike Liner Installation Process

  • Punky, deteriorated and hollow concrete is removed to sound substrate.
  • Epoxy mortar is used to restore the concrete to the original plane.
  • In some instances, an owner will request the floor of the dike be sloped to the sump or drain. TMI can slope the concrete floor toward the sump or drain.
  • The entire surface is mechanically abraded with handheld electric diamond grinders to clean and roughen, creating an anchor pattern for new coating adhesion. 
  • Dust collection on diamond grinders is done with specialty vacuums.
  • The dike is then coated with a protective coating to contain liquids in the event of a spill or tank rupture.

Containment Dike Liner Case Study

TMI Coatings installed a protective coating/containment lining in two separate areas of a methanol tank storage dike and a loading/unloading area addition for a paper coating manufacturer. The containment lining system for the methanol tank storage area consisting of TMI FIBERLIFE with vinyl ester resin which is suitable for and resistant to many various types of chemicals to protect the substrate.

The loading/unloading area received a 1/4″ cementitious urethane system which is also suitable and resistant to various types of chemicals and can withstand the vehicular traffic for the large trucks that were to be driving over this area. Work was completed in late fall due to the very wet summer and construction schedule delays. The general contractor tarped and heated the outdoor area to allow a dry and warm substrate which are required for proper adhesion of the materials.

TMI’s Superintendent Mark Behrens was awarded TMI’s Project of the Year due to its difficulty, the success of the project and customer satisfaction. Customer stated, “Everything is good. Great TMI team to work with. Thorough on explanation and procedures and did what they said they were going to do.”

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Containment Dike Joint Sealing

After the containment dike restoration project, Ben Nesseth of McCormick Construction said, “I think everything went well. Your guys did a great job.” A chemical manufacturer utilizes containment dikes to hold spills and excess liquids in their facility. However, over time the joints of the containment dikes were weakening and showing signs of deterioration. TMI…

Ground Water Contamination Prevention

Safety is a top priority for many industrial companies including TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI). We are constantly asking ourselves how to keep ourselves, our employees, and our facilities as safe as possible. This is no different for a power plant in the central U.S. Their tanks are surrounded by containment dikes to contain spills in…

Containment Dike Lining Applied in Extreme Temperatures

Hot Project, Freezing Temperatures TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) recently completed installation of a containment dike lining for an expanding medical company. The customer needed the outdoor containment dike ready for service ASAP, requiring the work to be completed in January during sub-zero temperatures. TMI has considerable experience completing containment dike lining projects for all types…

500,000 Gallon Single Pedestal Water Storage Tank

TMI Coatings, Inc. is finishing construction on its Maplewood, Minnesota project rehabilitating a 500,000-gallon single pedestal water storage tank.  The project consisted of fully recoating both the interior and exterior of the water tank in addition to several weld repairs and safety updates. All paint on the tank was removed by abrasive blasting. Then the…

Truck Driving School Gas Tank Enclosure Project

A semi-truck driving school requested TMI Coatings to prepare the surface and coat the exterior steel containment gas tank enclosures.  TMI prepared the surfaces by pressure washing, hand/tool cleaning all rust areas and applied one full coat of rust-inhibitive epoxy primer by brush and roller, then applied a top coat of a quality paint coating…

Lead Abatement for Northern Natural Gas a Berkshire Hathaway company

TMI Coatings completed another lead abatement project for Northern Natural Gas.  The existing coating on the large compressor units contained trace amounts of lead-based coating.  TMI’s crew members employed all necessary PPE and took caution during the removal of the loose and flaking existing hazardous coating material.  All lead paint chips were properly contained and…

Flint Hills Resources Containment Dikes

Flint Hills Resources a producer of a diverse range of fuels, and ingredient products for many household goods requested TMI Coatings line the interior of their concrete containment dikes.  The containment dikes needed a lining system that would withstand oil, caustic soda, diesel #2, HCL, Jet A fuel oil and an emulsifier/water solution.  TMI FIBERLIFEconsisting…

TMI Man Mark Behrens!

Mark, TMI Man of the year for fiberglass dike lining project successful complete for Market & Johnson at Arclin in Wisconsin. The customer stated, “Everything is good. Great TMI team to work with. Thorough on explanation and procedures and did what they said they were going to do.”

Containment Dikes

TMI Coatings was hired to line interior of 3 containment dikes to contain petroleum products in the event of a spill or tank rupture. TMI FIBERLIFE vinyl ester resin with fiberglass mat reinforcement was applied to the interior of the three dikes. Per the facility engineer, Amanda Clark, it “looks really good and we may…

TMI Painted Steel Structure of Aircraft Hangars

TMI Coatings was contracted by the Air National Guard to abrasive blast and paint the exterior steel structure of aircraft hangars at their facility.  The existing paint was lead based paint requiring strict worker protections and environmental controls.  Additionally, the continuous occupation and use of the surrounding hangar and office areas were maintained throughout the…

Lining Wastewater Pits at Biofuel Facility

TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) was contracted to line wastewater pits and containment areas for a biofuel production facility. The pits were originally lined with a rubber membrane that had failed. It had developed punctures that could allow chemicals to seep out of the containment area. The customer needed TMI to resolve this issue. Our team’s…

Containment Dike Lining & Repairs

A natural gas company in Kansas contracted TMI Coatings to repair cracks and line the interior of a concrete containment dike. The containment dike was 55’ long x 20’ wide including up the walls 3’. TMI mechanically abraded the walls and floor by shotblasting and grinding with hand-held grinders. TMI then primed the entire area…

Sulfuric Acid Containment Area Lining

TMI Coatings recently contracted with an energy company in Illinois to line a sulfuric acid containment area.  The existing concrete was mushy and severely deteriorated from years of chemical saturation.  TMI’s crew began by removing the existing coating and soft concrete.  All surfaces were neutralized, abraded, and restored prior to the application of the new…

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