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Cooling Tower Basin Lining

An economical solution to reduce corrosion
TMI Coatings abrades and coats cooling tower basins to reduce corrosion and prolong the life of the basin

Cooling Tower Basin Lining

Cooling tower basins require maintenance just as any other part of a building. TMI Coatings has years of experience lining cooling tower basins to reduce corrosion. The seamless coating is applied to all accessible areas of the basin to extend the life of the pan and allow the owner to avoid the expense of total replacement of the basin.

TMI recently replaced the lining in eight rooftop cooling tower basins on two buildings in Eagan, MN. We worked on individual basins in accordance with the owner’s schedule.

The TMI team removed the existing failed lining on each basin by sandblasting and/or mechanically abrading. TMI then applied a bonding primer and completed the application with two coats of an elastomer coating.  The protective coating will not promote mold or mildew growth.

TMI can remove and replace the fill (media) upon request.  TMI has lined Baltimore Aircoil (BAC), Marley, Evapco basins and many others.

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Cooling Tower Basin Restoration and Lining

Years of abuse and chemicals used in treat the water led the concrete in the massive cooling tower to degrade. Concrete is a naturally porous substrate, without protecting it it is susceptible to erosion and degradation. TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) completed extensive restoration to this concrete cooling tower basin at an oilseed processing plant. Procedure:…

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