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Elastomeric Coatings

For ceilings and walls where chipping, peeling and/or flaking paint can't be tolerated

TMI Coatings Applies Food Grade Elastomer Coating at Food Plant

Elastomeric coatings are ideal for ceilings and walls where chipping, peeling or flaking paint can’t be tolerated. Elastomeric coating is suitable for incidental food contact.

A large food plant with its headquarters in Minneapolis, MN requested a protective coating be applied to the Meat Test Lab and the Fruit Room ceilings. In the Meat Test Lab, the ceilings, I-beams, sprinkler piping and condenser pans were properly cleaned and prepared for the adhesion of the new coating. The owner selected a food grade elastomer coating for durability and longevity. With mechanical spray equipment TMI applied the coating to the concrete ceiling and steel members.

The ceiling in the Fruit Room was power tool cleaned to remove rust and primed with epoxy prior to coating. The ceiling area included the duct work, cross beams, boxes, hangers and conduit.The owner selected a food grade reinforced coating for the steel members to reduce corrosion; FIBERLIFE a fiberglass reinforced plastic consisting of a food grade resin and fiberglass mat reinforcement was hand laid up. The result of both rooms was a food grade protective coating that will not chip, peel or flake for many years to come.

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Salt Storage Dome

A Fortune 1000 company requested TMI Coatings to insulate and install protective coating on their salt storage dome. TMI prepared the surfaces by pressure washing, then applied sprayed-in-place foam insulation at an average of 2” thick. Also, a top coat of an elastomeric waterproof coating was applied. This coating expands and contracts, therefore will not…

TMI Seals Silo Base/Wall Juncture

TMI Coatings was contracted to seal the silo base/wall juncture around the circumference of silos.  Each silo was thoroughly pressure washed with 4,000 psi pressure washers to remove dirt, debris and contaminants from the area. TMI then installed new sprayed-in-place foam insulation to create a cant at the silo base to shed rainwater away from…

Elastomeric Coating for Food Production Plant

A food processing plant contracted TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) to install new coatings on the ceiling of one of their facilities. Because of the proximity to food products, peeling paint was not acceptable in the plant. TMI recommended our fiber-reinforced elastomeric ceiling coating. It is commonly used in food processing plants because it does not…

Corrosion Under Insulation

TMI Coatings removed existing sprayed in place foam insulation, sandblasted, and painted three (3) 170’ diameter ground storage tanks.  During removal of the old insulation and lead-based paint, an aging wood framed base on the concrete foundation was discovered.  To extend the life of the wood and the concrete and protect the integrity of the…

Elevated Tank Sikaflex Sealant

TMI Coatings Inc. completed the interior and exterior painting of a 750,000 gallon elevated tank for the City of Great Falls, Montana. After completing the finish coating of interior and exterior surfaces, TMI applied Sikaflex 1A polyurethane elastomeric sealant to all un-welded portions of the interior roof plate seams and also un-welded seams between the…

History Center in St. Paul Contacted TMI Coatings Regarding a Mechanical Room Floor

TMI Coatings has a contract with the State of Minnesota for flooring, and the History Center in St. Paul contacted TMI regarding a mechanical room floor that was leaking to the space below. TMI abraded the floor in the mechanical room, approximately 2,300 sq. ft., filled all the joints and voids in the floor, and…

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