Fan Cleaning at Large Paper Mill

TMI Coatings was recently contracted for the third consecutive year for an annual industrial fan cleaning project at a large paper mill in International Falls, Minnesota.  Multiple large industrial fans were required to be abrasive blast cleaned to remove residual build-up on the fan blades.  This process allows the units to maintain efficiency until the next available down time to be inspected and/or cleaned again.

Floor And Wall Coating

Floor and Wall Coating

A 6,000 square-foot floor repaired, coated, and walls painted to lighten and brighten a mechanic shop for repairs and for the customer experience. The owner said, "The floor looks exceptional.…

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Waterproof Seal For Grain Bins

Waterproof Seal for Grain Bins

A North Dakota grain company was having problems with moisture leaking into the bottom of their steel grain bins.  This moisture was heating and subsequently molding the grain.  TMI Coatings…

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