FDA Approved Food Grade Tank Lining

Whether it’s the consumption by humans or animals, food-grade tank lining follows strict guidelines. With these projects, TMI Coatings always takes extra precautions for health and safety.

TMI was recently hired by a dog food company to line the interior of their food tanks. The work, which included sandblasting, needed to be accomplished inside a fully functioning factory without affecting operations, employees or the finished edible product.


  • Installed a poly enclosure to isolate the tanks.
    As dust-control was extremely critical, TMI contained the dust and vapors by sealing tank openings. Fans pushed fresh air through the top hatch while a 6,000-cfm electric dust collector pulled dust and emissions out of the bottom and then outside the building. The collection of dust was located 75′ from the tanks.
  • Sandblasted tank interiors per material specifications.
  • Stripe coat all welds, edges, bolts and corners.
  • Applied FDA approved lining compatible with food contact.
    Force-curing was required to ensure solvent removal, TMI used direct-fired heaters with ducting to heat the lining to 200 degrees for four hours (FDA curing requirements).
  • Used silica free coal slag abrasive to safely complete the work without disruption to the facility.
  • Work long hours, including weekends, to minimize disruption and return the tank to the owner for use.


Due to the success of the project, TMI is scheduled to line additional tanks at this facility and other locations owned by the company.

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