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Fiberglass Wall Coatings Services in Madison, WI

TMI Coatings, Inc. (TMI) is a painting and restoration contractor that offers an exclusive fiberglass wall coatings product called “FIBERLIFE.”  FIBERLIFE is a 100% solids epoxy resin with a fiberglass mat embedded into the resin.  Fiberglass wall coatings likeFiberlife fiberglass wall coatings FIBERLIFE have superior durability and won’t chip, peel, or crack in high humidity or constant wet environments.  FIBERLIFE is a long-term solution to peeling paint on CMU block, pre-cast, IMP panels, structural steel, and other metal or concrete substrates.  FIBERLIFE has been applied on walls, columns, alcoves, structural steel beams, and elsewhere in food plants.

Benefits of Fiberglass Wall Coatings Like FIBERLIFE

Our Madison, Wisconsin fiberglass wall coatings services offer many unique benefits exclusive to our products, such as:

  • 100% solids, so no solvent odor
  • Won’t chip, peel, or crack in high moisture environments
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable due to 50-60 dry mil thickness
  • Chemically resistant
  • Proven results of 20+ years in high moisture environments without failures


Madison, WI Fiberglass Wall Coating Services

In Monroe, Wisconsin, a cheesemaker had TMI complete fiberglass wall coatings for their facility’s state-of-the-art “make room” and coolers TMI has applied FIBERLIFE coatings for numerous food plants around the Madison area, including Mexican Cheese Producers, Kerry Ingredients, Kraft Heinz Foods, Milk Specialties Global, Chula-Vista Cheese, PepsiCo, and many others.  TMI has had success applying the FIBERLIFE product for over 20 years.

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